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Language Of Desire– All Secrets Revealed In This Review

happy coupleThe secret to having an everlasting relationship is how you present yourself to your partner. Words are powerful because a right choice of words can turn around any relationship and stop its death. Ladies are naturally tasked to fulfill man’s erotic desire that is the main source of any happy relationship. The Language of Desire program recently gained too much popularity as being the only program that teaches words, styles, and approaches to win any man’s heart.

However, the question is, does it work?

We downloaded the entire Language of Desire system to analyze its words, phrases, and techniques to find out if it works as they claim to be. Read our unbiased and in-depth Language of Desire review to find the actual truth many reviewers are hiding from you.

Let’s start

What Is Language Of Desire Relationship Program All About?

Created by Felicity Keith, this best-selling relationship program teaches women how to deal with common relationship problems with the power of words and phrases. Inside this program, you will learn about male psychology and how to talk with the man intimately to make him sexually obsessed with you.

Language of Desire BookInside this program, you will find ten modules along with worksheets and plans about various tips and tricks on male psychology and what he wants to hear from a woman.

Felicity Keith created this program after extensive research to help women create a relationship they want. This program includes tips on sensual texting that is powerful enough to charge up your man and make him want you bad. You can utilize this sensual texting technique in any phrase of your relationship.

The great thing is you don’t need any special skill to master all these techniques, and you can use them whenever you want.

The ten modules of Language of Desire guide are:

  • The Introduction
  • Become The Sexual Superwoman
  • Loving Man’s Best Friend
  • Brain Chemistry and Sex
  • Create An Erotic Action Movie
  • Desire Intensifiers
  • For The Single Ladies
  • Getting Your Fantasies Met
  • When ‘Sex’ Isn’t Possible
  • Master Class

Inside every module, there are different sections,and at the end of every module, you will find a worksheet that will help you learn to review the module and master what you have learned.

You can also download the whole program as a readable PDF format or audiobook MP3 format. You can also download each module separately in PDF or MP3.

Who is Felicity Keith? And How She Discovered These Secrets

Many authors of relationship and dating programs like to hide their identity from the public. However, this is not the same case here. Felicity Keith is the real woman who felt devastated when she saw her husband watching porn. Instead of shouting or ignoring she decided to take the situation into her own hands and decided to research about how men think.

Felicity KeithDuring her research about male psychology, she analyzed many different resources from adult videos to popular men novels. During her research, she interviewed sex therapist, professors of psychology and even interviewed many phone sex workers who work as fantasy girls for many men.

Once she found something, she tries it and keeps on trying until she finds one that works. Once something works, she finds a way to make it smoother and more effective.

Felicity Keith decided to create a comprehensive relationship program for women that they can use to make their relationship stronger and long-lasting. This comprehensive relationship program is available to download as ‘Language of Desire.’

Are There Any Bonuses Included In This Program?

Along with ten modules, you will also get three bonuses completely free. These bonuses are:

Bonus #1 – Good Girl’s Guide To Texting Naughty:

Texting Dirty bonus bookDo you keep on staring at your phone and wondering what to text to your man?

With this bonus, you will get over 200 ready-to-use text messages that you can use to fire up your man and make him want you.

These texts you can use to get your man turn on and make him obsess to you. Additionally, Felicity shared a complete step-by-step method that you can use to make your man miss you.

Bonus #2 – Silent Seduction:

Silent Seduction bonus bookNo doubt words are powerful for an intimate relationship, but non-verbal gestures can also do wonders if you know how to use them correctly.

In an intimate relationship, verbal and non-verbal language both holds its importance, and one can’t work with the other.

Inside this bonus guide, Felicity shared some techniques that you can use to make feminine body language work for you more effectively.

Bonus #3 – Unstoppable Confidence:

Unstoppable Confidence bonus bookThis ninety minutes conversation between relationship experts Michael Fiore and Michael Griswold revealed secrets about building a strong confidence with the men.

This audio bonus also contains some secrets about using your feminine body language to get closer to man’s heart.


The Pros:


One of the great benefits of Language of Desire is, it is very easy to follow, and Felicity Keith narrates her story in this eBook to give it a personal touch. You will easily understand every term and phrases that will help you in practicing them.

Complete Audio Version

advantage and disadvantageIf you are like me who don’t like reading, then you will glad to know Felicity Keith provides a complete audio version of this program at no additional cost. You can listen to the Felicity Keith advice on the go.

Instant Access:

Once you complete the one-time payment process, you will get instant access to members’ area where you can read other customer questions related to their relationship life. Additionally, you can download this whole program on your Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone to follow it anywhere and at any time.

Best-Selling Relationship Program:

Many relationship programs that are available online contain age-old advice that doesn’t work in this socialization world. Thankfully, Language of Desire created by a woman just like you and me who suffers from relationship problem in her life before discovering these secrets.

This program has many positive testimonials and feedbacks that proved that this program works.

Money Back Guarantee:

This program backed by 60-days money back guarantee that you can use if this program doesn’t work for you. You have sixty days to test this program without any risk.

The Cons:

Not For a Timid Woman:

Some techniques that Felicity shared in this program will make difficult for a timid woman to utilize them. This program is simply not for shy women, but it helps in getting over shyness. Women who are timid in bed should prefer seeking online help.

Final Verdict

I hope you have learned some valuable information inside this The Language Of Desire review. I also learn some great stuff by reading and analyzing the program. One thing I like is, Felicity is a strong woman, and she knows how to get whatever she wants in her life. I request all you to be that way, especially in your relationship.

create intimate relationshipIf you are ready to follow techniques mentioned inside Language of Desire guide, then you will get benefit from them. Many women transformed her relationship using these tips. Felicity puts her experience and knowledge in this program that why it is helping many women.

Is it worth a try?

Definitely! I would 100% recommend Language of Desire by Felicity Keith to all those women who like to get the missing spark back in their relationship. You will understand a lot about a man by reading this book, and it will be useful for your entire life.

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